Friday, 27 March 2015

10 Fringe SEO Predictions For 2015

It’s that wonderful time of year when blogs and social media are cluttered with predictions of what the new year will bring. Whether it’s Social Media Predictions for 2015, How SEO Will Change in 2015, or the catch-all Digital Marketing Trends in 2015, it’s all been done – many times over.

After a while, the predictions start to run together as the same things we’ve heard all year – and even the best don’t always turn out to be very accurate. Everybody hits on most if not all of the common themes:

1.      Mobile will continue to grow
2.      Exact keyword use will/should diminish
3.      Knowledge Graph will keep more users on
4.      Stop the grey/black hat stuff already
5.      Design a website people like
6.      Fake links will be even less helpful, real links will be even harder to earn (and be even more                valuable) — unless, of course, Google keeps getting links confused
7.     I’m not knocking anybody here – we did the 2015 thing, too, and even tried a Halloween spin.

Instead, I want to dive into a handful of the fringe predictions that stick out from the rest.

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